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ENCORE: Personal Mastery: Controlling Your Activation Levels

A talk by Natan Verkhovsky, M.Ht.
Founder, Director, Head Instructor, The Essential Academy

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About this talk

Stop Wasting Emotional Energy! Learn how to get 2 days work done in 1!

You’ll learn Mental Training Insights and Secrets into your own Peak Performance and how to take it to the NEXT LEVEL!

DECREASE - CONTROL - INCREASE your Activation Levels NOW!

You can't get More TIME, But YOU can Get More ENERGY!

Exclusive offer!

Personal Mastery: Controlling Your Activation Levels - the course.

23 Mental, Physical and Emotional Drills learned from Olympic Athletes, Peak Performing Artists, Business Executives and Elite Entrepreneurs at your fingertips ... simple, quick, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use!


We will help you unlock even greater levels of your inner potential so you can continue to EXCEL! Boost your confidence without feeling over-inflated!

You will have an exceptional experience, initially and for life, as you use these Principles and Drills for Yourself, Family, Friends, Clients and More!

Participate in our online forums, share thoughts and ideas with other graduates, increase connections, get help with your studies and GROW!

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Natan is giving away the following

Learn to be LIMITLESS - Mentally, Physically and Emotionally. Elevate Yourself, Your Business and Your Game!

You WILL Completely TRANSFORM Your Levels of ENERGY! Get In and Stay In a State of FLOW - Personally and Professionally!

Learn 23 Unique Mental, Physical and Emotional Drills that Olympic Athletes, Elite Coaches and Business Peak Performers from around the world use This is Energy Work in a whole, new way.

Become truly LIMITLESS...- Personally & Professionally -

Do you want: To HAVE – Even more Energy and Productivity in YOUR life?

To FEEL – Energized when your day is done and not exhausted?

To BE – Truly Energy RESILIENT? Mental, Physically and Emotionally!

This $8,997USD, 4 week Peak Performance Coaching Certification Program is offered as a FREE Prizedraw Giveaway to lucky VIP guests of the Week of Kindness and Gratitude!

Offered by Natan Verkhovsky, M.Ht.
Founder, Director, Head Instructor, The Essential Academy

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Natan Verkhovsky, M.Ht.

*Founder, Director, Instructor, Best-Selling Author at The Essential Academy *Collaborated and Connected 120+ Worldwide Experts to join the Academy as Instructors and share their magic with the world *Mental Training Specialist to Elite Athletes and Business Executives for more than 24 years Presented concepts found here to the highest Level 4 and Level 5 National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) *Certified Medical Hypnotherapist since 1997 with more than four and a half thousand (4,500+) of practitioners learning the concepts found here *Multi-Discipline Martial Arts Practitioner for more than 30 years - HapKiDo, TaeKwonDo, Muay Thai, Russian Systema, Kudoky KungFu and Iaido *Presented concepts found here to AthletesCAN representing every Olympic Sport in Canada *Master Course Creator - Personal Mastery: Controlling Your Activation Levels, The Limitless Program, Effortless Mastery: Getting to 10/10 *Best-Selling Author, Personal Momentum: Secrets of Self Transformation - 30 Day Change For Life Program and Workbook


Personal Momentum: Secrets of Self Transformation
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